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Lifestyle: There is always something to do in Vermont. The summer months provide a comfortable seasonal backdrop for biking, hiking, boating, camping or any number of outdoor activities. Additionally, summer features hundreds of farm stands and farmer’s markets as well as outdoor music festivals.  The transition to fall brings a quintessential New England autumn which offers not only sporting recreation, but other seasonal celebrations including fall harvest.

Vermont’s famous winters include beautiful snowfalls, especially in the mountains. A Vermont winter is not complete unless you have packed up your skis, snowboard or snowshoes and headed to Killington. Located in the center of the state, Killington is one of the most popular ski areas in the world and attracts skiers from around the globe.  The winter weather is also the perfect environment for exploring the state on Vermont’s wonderful snowmobile trails.

A Vermont spring is full of excitement with the tapping of the maple trees for the production of maple syrup and other maple products and the winter snow gives way to reveal the lush greenery that makes the Green Mountain State so famous. Spring is the time when Vermont residents and farmers begin planting gardens and crops for the coming year.

Geography: Vermont may look small, but it’s actually the second largest state in New England. It has a total area of 9,609 miles. Vermont borders New Hampshire on the east and New York on the west. Canada forms Vermont’s northern border and to the south is Massachusetts.

Burlington, Vermont’s largest city with a population of 42,000, is home to the University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Health Care.  To the west, Burlington is bordered by Lake Champlain, the 6th largest body of water in the U.S. The cosmopolitan metropolis of Montreal, Quebec, is an easy drive from Burlington and other communities in northern Vermont

Vermont is known for its pastoral landscapes. The state has 223 mountains, which explains why it’s fondly known as the Green Mountain State. With 300,000 acres of state forest and 52 state parks, Vermont is a nature lover’s wonderland.

History and Politics: Vermont was the 14th state to join the Union and drafted one of the first written constitutions in North America.  Vermont was the first state to abolish the institution of slavery.  Vermont is one of four states that were once independent nations and Vermonters are known for their political independence

Schools: Recently, Vermont schools received national acclaim for innovative programs that include multi-grade classes in elementary schools, student writing projects and use of student “portfolios” to measure learning progress rather than traditional grade cards. Vermont has 376 public elementary and secondary schools, which includes 16 area vocational centers, several one-room schoolhouses in small communities and more than 40 approved private schools.

Why you should consider Vermont:  In addition to unlimited recreational activities, Vermont has a rich cultural milieu, including local arts and crafts and many small farms that produce artisanal foods. Beautiful scenery, country stores, peaceful farmlands and a relaxed attitude make Vermont an ideal place to call home.

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Vermont Quick Facts

Origin of the State Name
The origin of the name, Vermont, is French and means green mountain.  French explorer Samuel de Champlain, referred to Vermont’s green mountains as Verd Mont on his 1647 map, and it is from this reference that Vermont got its name.

Vermont’s nickname is the Green Mountain state.

Montpelier is the state capital. It is centrally located and surrounded by hills and granite ledges.

625,741 (2010 estimates, US Census Bureau)

Local Government
Vermont has 14 counties, 255 political units, or “places”. This includes 237 towns, 9 cities, and 5 unincorporated areas.

Vermont’s state motto is Freedom and Unity.

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